10.14.2019 - 3:15 PM - Lauren Lallemont

The 2019 PHS Homecoming Week started with a dance in Rib Lake on Saturday, September 28, and ended with a hard-fought football game on Friday, October 4.  Between these days, there were many fun dress-up competitions and activities. And last Wednesday, Homecoming royalty was announced as well. For the freshmen, Lady was Ayriel Foster, and Lord was Layne Blomberg. Then for the sophomores, Duchess was Kyla Murphy, and Duke was Reese Isaacson. The juniors had Princess and Prince, and Olivia Burcaw and Donavon Acker won. Finally, the seniors had Kaelyn Isaacson as Queen and Clayton Lyons as King.

On Monday, the dress up day was “Dress Your Best.” This was because Monday was the dreaded Fall Picture Day. Every class received full points for this day.  The activity in the morning was a long-lived PHS tradition, Box Hockey. Many students who have already played this were more than ready to give their all and try to earn their class some points on the first day of Homecoming. After many intense matches, Josh Jast and Kaitlyn Erickson got firsts and earned points for the senior class to help put them in the early lead. 

Going into Tuesday, it was “Bikers vs. Surfers” day. The freshman and the juniors dressed up as the surfers, and the seniors and the sophomores dressed like bikers. There were some impressive costumes on this day. Lexi Freeman, complete with surfboard, won best-dressed, earning points for the juniors. Tuesday’s activity was the relay race. This consisted of lots of laughs, and some pretty interesting events taking place. These consisted of the plunger race, running with an egg, and shooting free throws, after spinning their head on a bat, of course.  Each class put a lot of hard work into this activity, but the seniors pulled through with the win. They were followed by the juniors, sophomores, and, finally, the freshmen. 

Halfway through the week, the seniors were on top of the leaderboards with 33 points.  The juniors followed closely behind with 28 points, the sophomores with 22, and the freshmen with a 13.  Wednesday was “Woodstock Wednesday” with participants dressing as hippies. The seniors won best dressed for this day, thanks to Kelly Hueckman (pictured above). Lots of other costumes were considered "groovy" as well. The fun and interesting activity for this day was Foot Pictionary. Many brave students kicked their shoes off and got to painting. With everyone getting different objects, it took some strong artistic skills to make the masterpieces required. It became a relay game, and, eventually, the juniors took the win. After the juniors, came the seniors, the sophomores, and then the freshmen. 

On the fourth day of Homecoming, the dress up activity was “Salad Dressing Day.” Each class got their own salad dressing; seniors had Ranch, juniors had French, sophomores had Thousand Island, and the freshman had Caesar. The juniors won Best Dressed, once again. This earned them some extra points for the day. The activity that was held was Hungry, Hungry Hippos. This game is action packed, and is definitely one of the favorite activities that is held throughout the week. With the juniors almost winning after the first two rounds, the seniors came through in the end and won in the last round by just a few points. Anticipation for Friday was rising, as every class was getting ready for the last day of Homecoming. At this point, the seniors were still leading all the classes with the most points, with the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen trailing behind. 

The final, and in most opinions, best day of Homecoming rolled around, and all the classes were ready to go. Everyone showed up to school in their class shirts, and the school was buzzing with excitement as the day ahead was going to be a busy one. To start everyone’s day, the band came around the hall to pick all the FOCUSes up, and they headed for the gym. Everyone got with their classes and prepared for the first competition of the day: the school song. Each class selected 15 students to get up and sing along to the classic school song. The juniors won the first competition of the day, earning them a good chunk of points. Next, we swiftly moved onto Power Buff Volleyball. The boys started warming up for their first game, which was the seniors vs. freshmen, and then the sophomores vs. juniors. They played their first few matches, and eventually the seniors and the sophomores won their first games. That lead them to play each other in the championship, and the juniors faced the freshmen in the consolation match. In the end, the seniors won a tight match to claim first, followed by the sophomores, the juniors, and the freshmen.

After Power Buff, the seniors got together to try and win their Mr. and Miss competitions. After some hard fought competitions, Peyton Enders and Kaitlyn Erickson won Mr. and Miss Cross Country, Megyn Eisner won Miss Volleyball, and Logan Severson won Mr. Football. Soon enough came Powder Puff. The girls gathered outside to put their flag football skills to the test, and see which class would score a few extra points to add to their final scores. With multiple games coming down to the final seconds, the seniors once again came out on top with the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen following.  After lunch, the students put their final touches on their floats. Each class has been working on these all week in preparation for the recently reintroduced PHS Homecoming Parade. Along with class floats, many local businesses went through and made the parade complete. The parade, as usual, was a lot of fun with many great floats that went through to make it an impressive sight.

At the end of the day, the school gathered together for quick pep rally in the gym. The elementary and middle school joined the high school for this time. Since the day was pretty much over, it was time to present the Spirit Stick to the winning class. The freshmen came in last, the sophomores in third, juniors in second, and finally, the seniors earned the well-deserved Spirit Stick! To help put an end to the crazy day, many high school students got together to do an activity with the 1st-4th graders that involved stepping through a hula hoop while linking arms without breaking. This was lots of fun, and a great way to get youngsters involved with in the action. After the activity, the volleyball team, cross country team, and the football team all took their turn to talk and have players recognized.

As the day came to an end, everyone was getting ready for the home football game at Norris Erickson Field against the always tough Edgar Wildcats.  It was a hard fought game, but sadly didn’t end in the way that the Hawks had hoped, falling by a score of 63-0.

Homecoming is always an exciting week here at PHS. With all the dress-ups, activities, and competitions, there's something for everyone. Homecoming is always a lot of fun and brings our school together to show off our pride.