10.14.2019 - 7:13 PM - The Snoop Staff

After dark on September 17, a flock of plastic flamingos descended upon Jamie Spagnolo’s front lawn. Spagnolo, a Prentice resident and high school English teacher, was alerted to their arrival by his trusty labrador retriever, Rose, but it was too late to catch the culprits.  He had been “flocked.”

“Flamingo Flocking”  is the PHS Student Council’s new fundraiser where members place 24 plastic flamingos in the lawns of unsuspecting residents and businesses in the area.  With the flamingos comes a demand of a $20 ransom to be paid within 48 hours at which time the flock will migrate to a new location of the payee’s choosing.  PHS senior “Megyn Eisner brought the idea for a fundraiser, and we felt it was a nice way to include the community in something fun,” says Student Council Advisor and PHS School Counselor Jackie Franzoi.  

Students who do the flocking often do it under cover of darkness.  PHS senior Kelly Hueckman, who has been on several flocking expeditions has developed a plan of attack, explaining, “If we can, we try to plan to do it when people aren’t home. It’s kinda fun to just go out with friends and be sneaky but not really that sneaky.” Franzoi acknowledges that they “got yelled at once” by a homeowner. The vast majority of recipients of the flamingo flocks have had a good time with the experience.  Pictures of their flamingoed yards posted by English Teacher Jamie Spagnolo, Band Director Andrea Cress, and local business owner Tyler Andreae have circulated on social media promoting the fundraiser. “We haven’t had anyone not pay,” Franzoi notes.  

The flock has flown as far north as Phillips this fall and is currently back in Prentice. Franzoi explained that they would “prefer to stay in the county, but we’d probably be willing to go to Medford.”

With the money raised by the Flamingo Flocking, PHS Student Council sponsors many fun and important school and community related activities.  Eisner explained that “Student council pays for the Veteran’s Day meal made by the FACE classes,all of the elementary game nights, the Christmas Gift Exchange, and Homecoming supplies… it just goes toward a bunch of different things to help the students and community.”

Flamingo flocking won’t stay forever, coming to a conclusion “When the snow sticks because then the flamingos have to fly south. They’ll be back in the spring.”

Until then, get ready to do some bird watching. The flock just might land in a lawn near you.