Fox News: Sly Residents Move to Town

10/22/2019 - 3:45 PM - Kaden Hartmann

Prentice has become home to a few new friends. A family of foxes recently sailed in to the town and decided to drop anchor this past summer. The foxes were reportedly seen as early as May this year. They have been sighted running through Prentice, as well as surrounding areas such as State Highway 13 and County Road C. The foxes can also be spotted searching people's yards and other places for food. Since foxes are scavengers, it is instinctual to 

scrounge looking for a bite to eat. Sometimes they tend to take this a little too far as they have been known to tear up certain areas of the Prentice Golf Course. There have been many rumors floating around about some of the foxes being fed by townspeople. “Intentionally feeding them is not legal and certainly not recommended, as they can prey on smaller pets and transmit a number of diseases.” States Wisconsin DNR conservation warden Dan Michels. 

With the recent addition of the new elementary and middle school wing at the Prentice School District it is no surprise that some of the foxes decided to visit the construction site from time to time. Construction workers of Huotari Construction have seen some of them on the construction site on multiple occasions. They have been seen running surprisingly close to the workers during some break times, as seen in videos courtesy of Eli Komarek and Prentice High School English teacher Jamie Spagnolo. One of the foxes even found its way into the school at one point over the summer. “It came in on a Saturday, and some of the workmen saw him on a table munching on some crackers,” states Prentice High School custodian Juleen Bosteder.  “I was unpacking some stuff over the summer and saw one of the foxes trout down to the dumpster take some stuff out then run off.," recalls Prentice elementary teacher Carrie Calhoun. The foxes were also recently seen by High School science teacher Moriah Main coming in and out of the Prentice High School garden.  

What should you do if you encounter one of the foxes? It is best not to act out and scare the fox in any way. Most foxes are actually docile creatures and will only act out if they are triggered or feel threatened. “If you see a fox, chances are it will get spooked and actually run away from you,” explains Main. “They are actually quite beautiful animals.”  Many people believe that foxes will attack smaller housepets if they are ever outside, but this is highly unlikely unless seriously provoked or threatened. 

If you want to see the foxes scurry around town, you better hurry as chances of seeing them might be getting cut short until spring. Due to our harsh Wisconsin winters, they will have to seek shelter.