10/29/2019 - 11:25 AM - Noah Schantner

The evening of September 26 proved to be a late night for the Prentice/Rib Lake Hawks’ Cross Country Team on the way back from a Cross Country meet in Baron.  At approximately 9:00 pm, the Rib Lake-owned bus was entering the village of Hawkins from the west on Hwy. 8 and a white truck struck the rear of the bus at a speed greater than 60 MPH.

A few passengers on the bus were looking through the rear window almost directly at the truck as the accident occurred. Prentice student and Hawks Cross Country runner Reese Isaacson said, “Dude, why are your brights on?” seconds before the crash.  After the collision, the man in the truck pulled off into the Jeld-Wen parking lot. All the students and adults on the bus, including the driver, were, aside from minor sore shoulders and necks, uninjured and remained safe throughout the experience. The bus only suffered a rear bumper dent, a displaced tail light cover, and a broken back door window.  Although the driver of the truck was uninjured, his truck was totaled. Authorities suspect the driver was under the influence at the time of the crash. 

Firefighters responded quickly to the call, arriving within approximately five minutes of when it was placed. The police were also quick on the call, arriving within 10 minutes. When the students exited the bus, they were all asked to sit down. Police officers and firefighters circulated asking questions and assuring everyone was unhurt. They questioned the bus driver, Dave Probst of Rib Lake, along with the two adults passengers, Prentice Middle School coach Lynn Granberg and Rib Lake High School coach Gabe Sandoval.  Probst was unaware of specifically what had happened and officers asked some of the boys in the back for their statements. 

The man allegedly driving the white truck has been identified as Charles Reisner of Glen Flora.  Potential charges are pending.