10.2.2019 - 4:47pm - Hannah Raab

It’s Homecoming week at Prentice High. Competitions are in full swing and the school is buzzing with excitement for the big game on Friday against the Edgar Wildcats. There is action all around the school with people dressing up and constructing floats for the parade on Friday. 

The royalty for the week are: Clayton Lyons (King), Kaelyn Isaacson (Queen), Donavon Acker (Prince), Olivia Burcaw (Princess), Reese Isaacson (Duke), Kyla Murphy (Duchess), Layne Blomberg (Lord), and Ayriel Foster (Lady).


Kicking the week off was the traditional Box Hockey Tournament. The first round was action-packed with the following results: Kaitlyn Erickson (senior) defeating Martina Will (freshman), Josh Jast (senior) defeating Ryan Bergman (freshman), Bridgett Hoffman (junior) defeating Claryssa Moore (sophomore), and Ethan Komarek (junior) defeating Joe Hueckman (sophomore). In the second round, Kaitlyn beat Bridgett, Josh beat Ethan, Claryssa beat Martina, and Ryan defeated Joe. For the girls, Kaitlyn finished in first, Bridgett second, Claryssa third, and Martina fourth. For the boys, Josh was victorious, Ethan followed in second, Ryan took third, and Joe finished with a hard-fought fourth. The seniors were awarded eight points, the juniors were awarded six points, and the sophomores and freshmen were each awarded three points. Everyone was dressed in their "best" clothing due to it being Picture Day, except for seniors, many of whom have had or will have senior pictures done privately, who took the casual route, wearing pajamas. All classes tied in the dress up competition and were awarded four points. 

At the end of the first day, the seniors led the competition with twelve points. The juniors were in second with ten points, and the sophomores and freshmen were tied for third place with seven points. After the first day, the competition was tight, but a lot can change in the remaining days.


Tuesday proved to be an exciting day, with the relay race taking place and the dress up day theme of "Surfers vs. Bikers." The freshmen and juniors took on the role of surfers while the sophomores and seniors took on the role of bikers. Leather jackets and Hawaiian shirts could be found throughout the school. The juniors were voted the best dressed and won six points. The seniors took second, winning six points. The sophomores took third winning six points. The freshmen rounded out the field winning two points. The relay race brought on a first place win for the seniors, giving them four points. The following order was: juniors (three pts.), sophomores (two pts.), and freshmen (one pt.).

At the end of the second day of competitions, the seniors still maintained their lead with twenty-two points. The juniors were in a close second with nineteen points. The sophomores weren’t far behind, with fifteen points. Trailing the competition were the freshmen, with ten points. 


Wednesday was a day full of fun. The theme for the day was "Woodstock Wednesday" and the activity was Foot Pictionary. Floral and tie-dye patterns dominated the school, with the seniors voted best dressed and winning eight points. The following order was: juniors (five pts.), sophomores (five pts.), and freshmen (two pts.). The juniors were the victors of Foot Pictionary, winning four points. The following order was: seniors (three pts.), sophomores (two pts.), and freshmen (one pt.).


Now midway through the week, the seniors are in the lead with thirty-three points. The juniors are in a close second with twenty-eight points, and the sophomores aren’t far behind, with twenty-two points. Trailing in a distant fourth, are the freshmen with thirteen points. With two days remaining in the competition, there are two dress up days, Hungry-Hungry Hippos, the school song competition, a volleyball tournament, Powderpuff Football, tug of war, dodgeball, and a float judging left to earn points. Truly, the PHS Spirit Stick could go to any motivated class. Who will come out on top?