Prentice Class of 2020: Plans for Life After High School

12.9.2019 - 11:17 AM - Hannah Raab

Senior year. It’s filled with an array of emotions, expectations, and plans for the future. It’s a year filled with decisions. Decisions about the future--whether to attend college or enter the workforce. Decisions about careers. These are the decisions being made as senior year draws closer to the finish. Many Prentice seniors are currently busy thinking about these decisions. Here are just a few plans for the future from members of this year’s senior class:

Brook Mabie & Autumn Gedde

Brook Mabie

After high school, Brook plans to attend either the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse or the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. She has chosen these two campuses, for various reasons, one being that the schools offer a major in biochemistry, the program she intends to study. She also said, “Both of the schools have great campus environments.” Brook hopes to pursue a career as a pharmacist.

Autumn Gedde

Autumn is currently looking at several colleges, including NTC, CVTC, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, but has not yet made the final decision on which campus she will be attending next year. She stated that, “I’m thinking about some of these schools because I like the travel abroad programs offered.” Presently, she is exploring the career path of Human Services in hopes of being able to help others.

Colton Lake

Colton will be attending the Madison Area Technical College after high school. He first started considering this college when his older sister was accepted there. He was very impressed with the campus and its environment, and found that when he visited, it felt natural for him to be there. Colton has chosen to enter the architecture program at MATC. He first became interested in the idea of architecture when he was younger. He said “I’ve always enjoyed drawing, especially buildings.” Colton is also fascinated and passionate about planning structures.


Clayton Lyons

Clayton plans on becoming either a plumber or an electrician. He will be accomplishing this under an apprenticeship program. He plans on attending a school where these apprenticeship programs are offered. Clayton said, “I like the idea of being able to work and make money while going to college.”

Megyn Eisner

After high school, Megyn will be attending basic training for the National Guard. When she has finished the basic training program, she will be attending Northcentral Technical College to major in nursing. She said, “I like this campus because it is close to home and it is less expensive but still offers offers a quality education.”


Kelly Hueckman

Kelly plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley. She plans to attend this campus for her first two years of college because it is less expensive. Once she finishes there, she plans to transfer to UW-Oshkosh campus to finish her degree. Kelly’s goal is to earn a Master’s Degree in School Counseling partly because as she said, “I really like to help people out.”

Zoe Price

Zoe will soon be starting a pre-license course online for real estate. In January, she hopes to take the State license exam. After completing the exam, she hopes to get an internship at a real estate agency in Phillips, in order to gain experience. Following graduation, Zoe hopes to move to Minocqua to sell real estate. She said, “I’ve chosen to enter the real estate business because I’ve always been drawn to houses and how different they are, but how at the same time they all function to serve the same purpose, to create a safe environment.” 


Noah Schantner

Noah plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Through research, he became really interested in the campus. He liked the fact that it is one of the smaller campuses in the University of Wisconsin system. At UW-River Falls, Noah plans to major in journalism, because as he said, “I’ve always enjoyed writing.” 

While this is just a small sampling of the Prentice High senior class of 2020, it shows the different directions and plans that each of us are making for the future. Some of our future plans may bring us together again and some plans may take us off in different directions completely.  But no matter what decision or direction is made, we all have to choose our own path to greatness, made of individual hopes, talents, and strengths. With every passing day, our future plans are becoming more real. The idea of life after high school becomes less of a dream and more of an ultimate reality. All these decisions and plans being made are just one step of the journey that is the rest of our lives.

Photos: Hannah Raab