11/12/2019 - 10:34 AM - Kaden Hartmann

As the winter months roll around, most of the hype has been for the coming boys' and girls' basketball seasons, but not for a few high school students. There has been some buzz from some student athletes at Prentice High School about the possibility of starting a Powerlifting Club that would run through the winter for students who don’t currently participate in any other winter athletics. The idea to start the club was first brought up by a few senior students at Prentice High, and the popularity of the idea has been steadily increasing. The club would add some diversity to the winter athletics for Prentice as currently the only available options for the winter months are the basketball programs.  With this new club, any students who don’t compete in basketball would have the chance to continue to stay in shape during the winter months. “It gives students the opportunity to participate in sports besides basketball during the winter season,” added Prentice High School junior Logan Sarkkinen. “It can be very long and boring when you are not playing a sport.” Prentice High School has never really had another winter sport other than basketball, so the club would add a new way for students to continue to better themselves. 

With the new addition of the new elementary and middle school wing and the ‘38 building's demolition, the old weight room in its basement was also demolished. This meant that there had to be a whole new weight room and workout area built for our school. Until the completion of the new area, it was tough for students and athletes to lift as the weightlifting equipment had been set up in east gym. Once the new weight room area was completed, it was much easier for students to be able to lift before and after school. The new weight room was condensed from two different rooms to one larger one. This addition of the new weight room has gotten some mixed reviews throughout the first few weeks of it being used, the main concern being the size of the new area. “The weight room is a little small, but we can still get a good workout done in there," notes junior Trent Heikkinen. 

Prentice seniors Clayton Lyons, Logan Severson, and Joshua Jast came up with the idea as a way to get more people in the weight room. “We wanted a club for guys or girls who don’t play basketball, our only winter sport,” stated Jast. “A lot of students lift regularly after school but don’t play basketball, so we figured we’d make it official and help each other meet goals,” adds Severson.  The club would most likely start meeting regularly Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays before or after school. The club would be open for anyone to join. Some are hoping to compete in competitions and events as a way to set and reach new goals: “We hope to compete, not only for the experience, but for the interaction with other powerlifters,” adds Jast. “We also want to set goals for ourselves and others in our school," states Lyons. 

The start of a powerlifting club would bring many lifelong benefits with it. The obvious benefits are muscle gain and just getting in better shape, but weightlifting also has proven benefits towards better mental health as well. Weightlifting can also help athletes to prevent common injuries and recover from recurring injuries. Members of the club strive to bring light to the benefits that come from lifting. “Weight lifting not only helps the body perform better in other sports but can also help increase self-esteem and mental health,” expressed Severson. “Lifting also helps self-confidence, endurance, and even has many positive psychological effects, like preventing depression in the winter months,” added Jast. 

The club also wants to show the life values that can be gained from lifting. “A life value that I’ll learn is how to pick up big things and put them down,” joked Lyons. “I would say lifting teaches perseverance because if someone wants something bad enough they need to push through the hard things and situations,” added Severson. Building good life values is important to the club as they see weightlifting as a way to better themselves for the rest of their lives. “I think perseverance, hard work, and teammate encouragement are great habits that will be refined as we go through our season, and even the rest of our lives,” stated Jast. 

The members of the club stress the importance of getting into the weight room as much as they can. With the introduction of the club many student athletes that would lift anyways throughout the winter months now have an outlet for new ways to push themselves and set new goals. The club stresses the importance of setting new goals and bettering yourself not only as a lifter but as a person.  The club would also act as a way for new lifters to learn better techniques, and better lifting habits. 

With the introduction of a powerlifting club at Prentice High School, comes ways to get more students involved with winter athletics. Prentice has been historically known as a basketball school, so the addition of the powerlifting club will add another way for students that don’t participate in basketball a way to stay in shape for other sports seasons. The hype for the winter athletic seasons will change for some students as they can now participate in a new co-curricular activity. 

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