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Prentice Elementary

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Prentice Elementary School offers a variety of learning experiences for students to develop their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs.  The Student Achievement Guarantee in Education Program (S.A.G.E.) has allowed us to lower the pupil-to-staff ratio to 15:1 in grades K-3.  In these classrooms, S.A.G.E. teachers take pupils to other classrooms for instruction. Smaller class sizes allow the teachers to provide more individual attention to our students in math, reading, and language arts.

Prentice Middle School

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Prentice Middle School is a 5th-Grade through 8th-Grade campus connected with Prentice Elementary and Prentice High School.  We encourage students at the Middle School to be active participants in our community.  The classrooms at the middle school are relatively self-contained, but some classroom-to-classroom movement helps students prepare for their upcoming high school experiences. 8th-Grade students not only have their core subjects, but they can also take Explore, Industrial Arts, Creative Living, Keyboarding, and Spanish courses, each lasting for 12-week periods.  7th- and 8th-Grade students can also engage in band and/or chorus to grow and showcase their musical talents.  All middle school students can become involved with student council.  Student Council meets monthly to help plan events in our school and to engage in many community endeavors.

Prentice High School

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​​​​Prentice High School is a 9th grade through 12th grade campus.  Students at PHS are encouraged to be active participants in the wide variety of courses and activities offered. In addition our strong core programs, some electives include: Introduction to Industrial Arts, Creative Living, Keyboarding, Spanish.  Additionally, advanced placement and dual-credit courses in English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Technology Education, and the Fine Arts are offered to help students earn college credits while in high school.

Since 2008, PHS has been involved with Project Lead the Way, which allows students to participate in courses in advanced industrial engineering, science, technology, and mathematics. 

In addition to School-To-Work flexibility, Distance Learning courses are also offered at the high school level. There are many different selections for Distance Learning courses, including but not limited to Computer Programming and Technical Mathematics.

All high school students can become involved with student council. Student Council meets monthly to help plan events in our school and to engage in various community endeavors. Here at PHS, we seek to provide the best learning opportunities that prepare students for their journeys ahead.

Prentice Rural Virtual Academy (RVA)

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Title I

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What is Title I?  Click here for more information.

​TITLE I Parent Involvement Policy

The Prentice School District recognizes that all parents are a vital component for their student’s success.  The district will have parents of Title I students be a part of planning and implementation of the Title I program.  Effective parent involvement activities will help improve student academic achievement and school performance.

Title I Parent Involvement 

The responsibility for implementation of the Title I ESEA policy is shared between the Title I teaching staff and each building Principal.  The designation of these duties is described below.  

Title I ESEA Staff Responsibilities 

  1. Provide letters to parents regarding Title I ESEA programs and curriculum, how their children were selected for Title I ESEA, how their progress will be measured, how much progress they are expected to make during the school year, and how their performance compares to that of their schoolmates.  
  2. Provide orientation meeting for parents each school year before the end of the first quarter.  
  3. Provide parents of each school with the results of the annual review.  This review is to include the individual school performance profiles.  
  4. Provide timely notification to parents, in the form of letters and flyers, regarding Title I ESEA meetings and workshops.  
  5. Offer professional development opportunities for teachers on increasing their effectiveness in teaching all students eligible for Title I ESEA services and on addressing the needs of Title I ESEA parents.  
  6. Offer workshops for parents on how to help assist in the instruction of their children.  
  7. Send data regarding year-end Title I ESEA program evaluation results to all parents.  
  8. Invite parents to and include parents in Title I ESEA program review team meetings.  

Title I ESEA Building Level Responsibilities 

Each Title I ESEA Principal will invite all parents to attend their school’s program planning meetings, school review and improvement meetings.  Title I ESEA teachers will provide parents with quarterly written reports on the progress of their children, so that parents can know the extent to which they are learning.  Teachers will be available for individual conferences at the regularly scheduled District Parent/Teacher Conference dates, and at other times by appointment through each building office.  Meeting times will take into account the need to accommodate a variety of parent work schedules.  Through these reports and conferences, Title I ESEA teachers will provide parents with the results of evaluations of student progress.  These evaluations will include, but will not be limited to, test results, measurements of homework turned in, homework completed, student attitudes and student behavior. 

Each Title I ESEA school will: 

  • Design and sponsor activities to address the needs of children which are unmet due to the absence of one parent.  
  • Design types of parent involvement that do not involve being at school such as helping teachers by assembling materials at home for use in classroom activities  
  • Offer opportunities and materials for parents to participate in classroom activities.

Title I Reading Specialist - Sandra Nehls

Title I Reading Specialist - Sandra Nehls


Price County D.A.R.E. Officer, Laurie Zondlo

Price County D.A.R.E. Officer, Laurie Zondlo


For More Information about the Price County D.A.R.E. Program, click HERE or on the above image.

Price County D.A.R.E. Officer, Laurie Zondlo

Price County D.A.R.E. Officer, Laurie Zondlo

Price County D.A.R.E. Officer, Laurie Zondlo


A.C.E. encourages all students and faculty/staff members to participate in a variety of label-collecting programs that provide many rewards for our school district.  Some of these include:

Please feel free to visit these websites or read in more detail about which products are eligible for each program.

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