10.31.2019 - 1:25 PM - Lauren Lallemont

For the first time ever, the RLP Hawks girls’ cross country team is going to be attending Wisconsin State Cross Country Meet in Wisconsin Rapids. This meet is going to be on Saturday, November 2nd. Prentice hasn’t had a girls cross country team attend the state meet since 1988, before the RLP co-op. On the '88 team was Prentice School District’s High School Special Education teacher and Middle School Cross Country coach, Lynn Granberg. “It’s exciting, of course. The team I was on went when I was a freshman, sophomore, junior and a senior. We won three of those years, except we lost by four points my senior year.  I am really proud of [this year's] girls. Especially when it’s just those five girls running.  Everyone on the team counts. There’s no slacking off for them because there’s nobody to pick it up. Pretty amazing, actually,” Granberg stated. 

The girls from Prentice on this team consists of two seniors, Kaitlyn Erickson and Brook Peterson, and a junior, Serena Moore. Moore isn’t unfamiliar with what a trip to state feels like, as she has gone to state both her freshman and sophomore years as an individual qualifier.   “It’s way better to go as a team instead of as an individual. I’m way more hyped up for this weekend compared to when I went alone. I’m so proud of this team and how far we’ve come over the past season.  It’s just so amazing,” Moore stated. 

Between her freshman and sophomore cross country seasons, Moore tore her ACL and her meniscus. ‘When this happened, I thought my sports were over. I didn’t think I would be able to run cross country, or do any sports at all,” Moore explained.  She had to go through one very long surgery to try to get this repaired. During the procedure, they removed 25% of her hamstring, and then took her broken ACL and replaced it with the new one. They also removed and clipped the torn meniscus. After this surgery, it took Moore only 5 ½ months to recover, even though the predicted recovery was approximately one year. “It showed me that even when you go through the worst, anything is possible,” Moore noted. After her recovery, Moore is proud to say she is a 3x cross country state qualifier, went to state track her sophomore year, plays varsity basketball, and is looking to continue her running career at the NCAA Division I level.

Along with every great team, there’s always a great coach. Lisa Schantner has coached this team to where they are now. Schantner started coaching middle school cross country in 2004, eventually taking over the high school program when former coach and former Prentice High School English teacher, Ken Spellman, retired in 2012. “Saturday was definitely an emotional day. Tears of joy of our girls” Schantner stated. “We started this year without even having a team until Brook Peterson joined. At that point, we started to climb our way to state. Most teams have at least seven, and we have done this with just five, which is awesome,” Schantner also noted.

If you get the chance this weekend, head down to support the girls. The meet will be at the Ridges Golf Course in Wisconsin Rapids. The Division 3 girls' race starts at about 1:20 PM. Be sure to bundle up though, the weather forecast calls for temperatures to hover around the freezing point.