Talkin' Turkey

11.28.2019 - 4:10 PM - Noah Schantner


I recently conducted a survey in the Prentice High School about what students are thankful for. It was a fun way of trying to get into the mood for Thanksgiving. The survey received a wide variety of answers from feeling thankful for family and friends, to pets. There was more to it than that though, such as thanking the men and women that have ensured our freedom by serving in our armed forces. Additionally, a lot of homage was paid to the teachers in Prentice.  One quote, “I am thankful for the teachers who come to the school loving their jobs and always being cheerful and spreading it to others," summed it up.

On a less serious note, I also traveled around the school and asked for opinions on favorite and least favorite Thanksgiving foods.  The general conclusion was that, in Prentice, stuffing is very popular, while canned Cranberry sauce is not. But, just because many are repulsed by canned cranberry sauce, does not mean everyone dislikes it.  While Prentice School junior Kaden Hartmann thinks that “Cranberries should not even be brought out during Thanksgiving,” PHS English teacher Christiana Slightham says, “It makes turkey bearable to eat.  It gives the moisture it needs.” It would almost seem adding cranberries allows a person to gobble up the turkey. Don’t get too stuffed though. 

It’s time to pumpkin spice things up a little bit. Another topic that seems to cause controversy is whether pumpkin pie is good or not. There are some people who say it is the most overrated part of Thanksgiving, and others who will say it’s underrated. I got a few people from the school to share their fillings about pumpkin pie: Junior, Lauren Lallemont, says, “It’s in the top three for desserts.” Yet an anonymous PHS teacher has an opposite opinion on the subject: “I like pumpkin bars and pumpkin rolls, but I just do not like pumpkin pie.” While this gives everybody pumpkin to talk about, there’s still no clear consensus as to it's value. Baste on all of the survey's replies, staff and students are passionate about Thanksgiving. 

Regardless of what you have on your plate, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Classic Hand Turkey.
Classic Hand Turkey.