The Main Event: Meet New PHS Science Teacher Moriah Main

10.24.2019 - 3:16 PM - Lauren Lallemont

Moriah Main recently joined the staff here at Prentice High School after the resignation of Quan Banh, our beloved long-time science teacher and school garden advisor. Main decided to step up to the plate as the new science teacher and the new school garden advisor. 

Main grew up in Rib Lake, WI, and she also attended Rib Lake High School, graduating in 2012. After she graduated from high school, she went on to begin her undergraduate career at UW-River Falls. While she was there, she started majoring in Biology and Chemistry, with intentions to 

Morian Main [left] and her FOCUS.
Morian Main [left] and her FOCUS.

become a veterinarian. After some job shadowing for a few weeks in a real clinic, Main decided that wasn’t for her. When that decision was made, she switched to the School of Optometry and focused on that for a year. Soon after she applied to graduate school, she decided that that wasn’t for her either. “My mind brought me back to the place where I fell in love with learning; my high school science classroom,” Main states. She went through and finished her undergraduate studies at UW-River Falls and soon enrolled in UW-Eau Claire’s teaching program. She says that it was more work than her Biology and Chemistry classes, and it was one of the most rigorous years of her life. “I wanted to make an impact, move people to work hard, and share some of the most extraordinary things in our world.” ​


Now that college is over, she was ready to come back and get the rest of her life started. She moved back to Rib Lake during her last semester of classes, so she could student teach.  Main has a daughter that is two years old and her name is Berlyn. “My boyfriend, Ryne, and I named her after a student I taught in Eau Claire--I get asked about her a lot.” Main says her family had a rough time with the transition first, but they are slowly getting settled in as time goes on. Her family recently bought a new home so there was more space for the family, and they are very excited to have their own place to call home. Just when Main thought things couldn’t get crazier, she and her family soon found out that they are expecting a new baby that’s due in March. “This is my first year teaching, which is an adjustment by itself, so adding in a pregnancy is just the cherry on top of the cake,” Main said. She also has an Australian Shepherd named Willow. 

Being the new science teacher and garden advisor, Main has a lot on her hands. With the school garden usually being taken care of by Banh, she had to learn about it. Banh gave her a tour of the garden and the greenhouse. Main states, “He devoted his life to the garden and I have been honored in taking care of it. I am still learning, but he has always been one phone call away.” With all the help of some of some students as well, she has had quite the learning experience with the garden. She was very impressed by the garden when she first saw it, and she was surprised by

the variety of foods that are growing in it. Main hopes for some more community involvement  

with the garden now as well. “As students and staff, much of our work involves people that help support us and fund our projects for the garden. Opening the garden to the community would increase that involvement, create more unity, and help many people have access to homegrown healthy food,” Main noted. She encourages more students to take the gardening class this summer, and they should talk to her if they are interested. 

Main loves to be involved in the community, and she loves the small town feel here in Prentice. “Prentice reminds me a lot about my hometown. I love the small community. There’s a sense of comfort knowing that I’m somewhere I can be myself and feel comfortable. Prentice has been great so far, and I think it’s just as excited to have me as I am excited to be here.”