Which is The Real P-Town?


12.5.2019 - Kelly Hueckman

Last month, Prentice High students may have noticed a rather unfamiliar face wandering the halls of our school. No, there hasn’t been a new student. Phillips senior, Maylie Jiskra, shadowed Prentice senior, Megyn Eisner... READ MORE

Lights! Camera! Action! PSD Presents 1st Annual Variety Show


12.4.2019 - Vivian Gehring

On the afternoon of Sunday, November 17, the sound of music and singing could be heard at the Ogema Town Hall  as the students from the Prentice... READ MORE

Picture This: PHS Staff & Students Celebrate Strengths


11.21.2019 - Lauren Lallemont

On October 8, some PSD students and staff went to the Sources of Strength workshop at NTC in Phillips. At this workshop, they were educated about the new...  READ MORE

Talkin' Turkey


11.28.2019 - Noah Schantner

I recently conducted a survey in the Prentice High School about what students are thankful for. It was a fun way of trying to get into the mood.... READ MORE

ZiPP-ing to Germany: PHS Students to Participate in Exclusive Exchange Program


11.20.2019 - Vivian Gehring

In August of 2020, two students from the Prentice School District will be traveling to Zittau, a city in Germany... READ MORE

Fighting Hunger, One Backpack at a Time


11.14.19 - Hannah Raab

In 2018, 29.7 million children in the United States were provided with reduced-cost or free lunches daily. For many of these children, school lunches may be the only meals they eat. The question... READ MORE

Making Buckets AND History: Amy Ring's Battle to Break Barriers


11.12.2019 - Kelly Hueckman

Athlete, teacher, coach, mother.  Amy Ring has covered it all, and hasn’t hesitated to prove it to Prentice High students. Since her arrival in 2012.... READ MORE